Mies Van Der Rohe / by Marni Bowman


Located at the heart of Barcelona is the German Pavilion, designed by Miles Van de Rohe and Lily Reich in 1929. Known for not only being the starting point for the career of the architect Miles Van Der Rohe, but it is also credited as the major influence for modern minimalist architecture. Pared down the the essential materials; glass, steel, water, and 4 kinds of marble, the materials define the tone of the work and speak to elegance found in simple design.

What’s astounding about the work is the relevance that it still has today, considering the date of its creation, this space would still be celebrated in current architectural and design magazine.

Stark, sleek, soothing, the pavilion was surprisingly enlightening. Not to mention that at the same time the world was introduced to the iconic and now ubiquitous Barcelona Chair.