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Nice to Meet you

Franklin St. Studio is located opposite the iconic Roger's sugar factory in East Vancouver. Marni Bowman is the principal designer, who works by intuition, logic, and honesty. Cedric Beattie, a recent addition to the Franklin team, is a partner in design, business and life. His fastidious technical carpentry skills elevate the work to a higher level.

The work of Franklin St. Studio strives to encourage a more considered lifestyle. Pieces are made with sustainably sourced materials and are made to last a lifetime. As we adapt to smaller living spaces, utility and aesthetics need not compete. Inventive objects can engage unused space, allowing for a liberating openness.

Marni is a graduate of the University of British Columbia (Natural Resource Conservation, honours) and Selkirk College (Fine Woodworking). Marni and Cedric like gardening, motorcycles, and thinking about building a home together.